Yorkstone Crazy Paving….rescue, recycle, re-use.

Posted on 24th Mar, 2014

These days crazy paving is very much out of fashion. But when we are asked by clients who want to up date their gardens to replace crazy paving we try, wherever we can, to reuse or recycle crazy paving. This is possible if the original paving is of a quality suitable to be lifted, cleaned and re-used. While the time involved in doing this can be costly,  it’s environmentally friendly and if it can be re-used in the new design for the garden it can be well worth the effort.

We have a Design job currently in construction where reusing the old Yorkstone crazy paving became a key element in the new garden. The old oddly shaped pieces have been lifted, cleaned, cut and dressed to create a beautiful new curved dry stone wall. The use of stone and brick in the design reflects the Arts and Crafts architecture of the property in Surrey.

The job is on-going but the wall, even without its copings looks great and reflects that care, patience and skill of our landscaper to complete.

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