Sculpture by the Lakes

Posted on 1st Sep, 2015

As a Londoner, I have long admired the huge standing “Isis” in London’s Hyde Park. The 3m tall bronze is the work of British Sculptor, Simon Gudgeon and represents the first piece of public sculpture to be placed in Hyde Park in 50 years. Isis, the Egyptian goddess of nature stands as a figure head for the Isis Education Centre situated nearby where young people come to learn about the natural world in the middle of our great city.

Simon’s work can be admired in greater depth by visiting the inspiring landscape he and his wife Monique have created in the Dorset countryside. Sculpture by the Lakes provides the most perfect setting to really appreciate how sculpture works in the Landscape setting. To quote from the guide “we make beautiful artwork because we find them pleasing to the eye and the soul. Some of that power is diminished when they are placed in a museum or gallery because they are out of context. Placing sculpture outdoors, where large pieces were intended to be, restores that power which is why we can relate to them”.


Formerly a fishery next to the river Frome in Pallington Nr Dorchester, it took 4 years of work to reclaim the landscape to create the peaceful, intimate and inspiring setting seen today. The wild riverside areas and large lake contrast with the more formal pools while mown grass paths guide the visitor towards the artworks which are beautifully positioned in both the wider landscape and more intimate areas. Tranquil seating areas are placed to provide space and time to enjoy everything from contemplating to picnicking, while the numbers limit ensures there is space to linger, wander and explore.   The changing seasons, weather, light, cloudscapes, reflections and birdsong combine to heighten the senses of the natural surroundings and the art works placed within. The result –  a truly uplifting experience – greater than any gallery can provide.

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