Gardening in August

Posted on 27th Aug, 2010

August is a great month for being in the garden and enjoying the fruits of your labours, or so you would hope! Aside from nipping out to collect salad leaves and cherry tomatoes (nothing so sweet and delicious as home grown), we’ve been driven out of the garden because of the rain during the last couple of weeks.

Just as soon as the sun comes through, it’s great to get outside and enjoy the intense colours of late summer flowers, which bring a final fiery burst of reds, oranges and browns before the border goes into stately autumn decline.

It’s worth making the space in any garden for these plants, which combined with ornamental grasses provide a good display long into autumn. Choose from egg yolk yellow Rudbeckias, Crocosmia in varieties ranging from soft lemon to scarlet, to Helenium in shades of burnt orange and bronze.

If you prefer the pinker tones, Persicaria (shown above) is a long flowering species, with varieties available in soft white through to rose and carmine pink. Crocosmia is a good species if space is at a premium, providing vertical accents of bright colour, looking good among hardy Geraniums and grasses.

Another way of keeping summer colour in the garden is deadheading flowers. Plants such as Penstemons and Geraniums will carry on flowering until the first frosts if time is taken to cut back spent flowers now.

The long promised late August Bank Holiday sun seems to be peeking through – it’s most welcome and I can’t wait to get outside to do some deadheading, and possibly chill and enjoy the garden – Here’s hoping for a long Indian Summer!

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