Epic Planting for an epic project – ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ at the Tower of London

Posted on 9th Sep, 2014

If you get the chance head down to the Tower of London before November 11th to catch this emotive project.

Go soon to witness an army of volunteers ‘planting’ single ceramic red poppies to create a sea that will slowly fill the famous moat of the Tower of London. This art installation, the creation of ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper marks 100 years since the first full day of British involvement in the First World War. Due for completion by Armistice day on 11th November 2014 by which time 888,246 individual ceramic poppies will have been planted in the moat, each one representing one British military fatality during the war.

The scale of the project is brought home by the army of volunteers working away in the moat. Teams work at different tasks – some attaching poppy heads to the steel rods, while others ‘plant’ the poppies following spray lines are drawn out on the ground. Crowds flock to see the installation and watch mesmerised as the teams beaver away in the moat below and slowly the installation grows stem by stem. INSPIRED and INSPIRING – go and see for yourself.


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