Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – The Beauty of Islam” show garden is competed“

Posted on 18th May, 2015

9 days on site working with a fantastic team of landscapers The Outdoor Room and our planting team and we have delivered the garden envisaged by designer Kamelia Bin Zaal – ‘The Beauty of Islam’.

Its been hard work with some very long days, aching muscles with varied weather conditions of wind, rain, and welcomed sunshine but there is immense satisfaction all round at reaching the end of the project, and quite pride in being associated with the transformation of a piece of grass in the grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea into a showcase for Islamic design. While there was the bustle all around the show ground as other gardens were being created including the lovely exuberant Australians opposite us – all was calm and tranquil with us, much like the garden itself. Contrasting strongly with the rest of the show gardens ‘The Beauty of Islam’ offers the visitor a visual calmness with its strong architecture, soothing water to see and hear, and a muted palate of green and silver planting with just a touch of white in the Myrtus, Rose and Cistus flowers. The garden offers a restful haven amongst the hustle and bustle of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and we hope will be enjoyed and appreciated by all who see it.

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