Autumn Colour - “one of the best”

Posted on 31st Oct, 2012

Weather conditions this year have resulted in one of the best for autumn colour. The wet summer in most of the country generated lots of leaves and lack of strong gales has kept leaves on trees for longer. A spell of warmer weather late in the season allowed the leaves to increase their sugar levels and these combined factors have lead to this year fabulous and long lasting range of autumn colours.

The Pantheon reflected in the lake

The range of autumn colours are often best experienced by visiting some of our historic landscapes where the huge variety of tree species combine to create a firework display of colours from early to late autumn.  Stourhead Landscape garden in Wiltshire with 600 tree & shrub species planted 250 years ago is well worth a visit in any season but in my view is especially beautiful in Autumn. The colour variations of trees provide an insight into the historical planting and landscaping scheme not so easily seen in summer and help us understand how these historic landscapes were created to offer the visitor ever changing views through the seasons.

Norway and Japanese Maples are the first trees to turn at Stourhead creating a flash of fiery colour among the largely still green landscape.

A little later the tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) offer a total contrast in colour with their big butter yellow leaves.

This year The National Trust at Stourhead have developed a special leaf line 01747 841152 which gives news on how the colours are developing and has regular updates to help plan your visit. They also offer an excellent series of seasonal walks with autumn walks focusing on the colours of the most spectacular trees.

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