Posted on 30th Apr, 2009

The end of April already.

The photo shows Daisy (Louise’s dog) inspecting our stash of plants temporarily housed on Louise’s driveway – awaiting their imminent planting in various projects.

Many hours have been spent during late March and early April engaged in our most favourite pursuit – Shopping!! …..Yes …its true we would rather shop for plants than anything else! ….The result has been a good bit of planting with perfect mixed weather great for growing.

As April turns into May it's the start of the Flower shows, with the RHS Malvern show next week and Chelsea in a further 3 weeks. I drive past the Chelsea show ground most days and it never ceases to give me a buzz of anticipation. I am up to my eyes with the rota for manning the Society of Garden Designers stand at Chelsea (volunteering my help seemed like a good idea in the dark days of January!!)

Meanwhile, Louise has joined the revolution taking place in the vegetable garden – she like millions has given over part of her garden to a new fruit and veg plot with beautiful espalier and cordon fruit and rows of neatly planted salad and veg. (now she just needs to keep the dog off!!) I meanwhile – watch and await to enjoy the “fruits” of her labours!!!

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