Garden Design in the South of France

Posted on 27th Oct, 2017

Gardenmaker Louise recently had the chance to visit a completed garden design in the South of France.  As part of a large renovation project in Antibes, the brief was to landscape the grounds around the villa, seamlessly linking the main garden with the swimming pool and front garden areas.  These three parts of the garden are on different levels, so creating an effective and attractive transition was a key feature of the design. 

The solution was to build steps with a gentle gradient leading from the lower level gravelled front entrance garden to the main garden.  This area is retained with two terraces of wall built using blocks of stone, in keeping with the local architecture.  Generous planting spaces at the top of these walls are filled plants such as Lavandula and Strelitzia reginae, with Erigeron karvinskianus starting to tumble over the sides.

The steep level change between the main garden and pool area provided scope for raised planters, planted with Orange trees and Rosemarinus prostratus.

 It was inspiring to use a Mediterranean planting palette, mindful of the extremes of summer heat in the South of France.  It was also an introduction, Xylella fastidiosa, the bacterial disease newly arrived in mainland France at the time of planning this garden.  The disease is currently a threat to a wide variety of plants on mainland Europe, including varieties of Palm tree.  The local horticultural consultant advised against introducing new Palms into the planting plan, but fortunately the garden already has ancient Olive trees and a backdrop of established Palm trees.

For more information on Xylella, please see link  https://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/beeh-a3vemx#distribution

The main landscaping materials are block cut local stone and timber.  Whereas around the swimming pool, a more contemporary look was achieved with sawn Limestone paving and Millboard decking – a versatile non-timber product which looks good in many locations where it is less practical to use natural timber www.millboard.co.uk

It is always a pleasure to re-visit client’s gardens or receive updates to see the how they establish.  This week the finishing touches of Provencal Olive Jars arrived and it was such a pleasure to see the garden complete to the last all important detail.  Whether your garden is in France, or closer to home in Great Britain, do get in touch with us at Gardenmakers Garden Design to find out how we can help turn your garden aspirations into a beautifully landscaped reality.

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